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Projects & Customers


MTN as the second national operator and the first international one in Iran is the main customer.
The equipment vendors and direct customers are HUAWEI, ERICSSON, ZTE and Nokia-Siemens but the final approvals based on MTN engineering office in South-Africa, MTN head quarter.
Up to November 2013, SNP is proud to provide more than 900 towers for this operator indirectly and for its mentioned above vendors directly.



MCI, established in 1994, with widest range of subscriber in Middle East,57 Million, and 67000 Km2 coverage and ahead of 111 countries comparing penetration coefficient of subscribers, is an important customer.



Telecommunication Company of Iran (TCI) was established in 1971 with a new organizational structure as the main responsible administration for the entire telecommunication affairs, and Iran Telecommunication Industries (ITI) was also founded in the same year to manufacture the required equipment for the national long-distance network. This company is has a big share of product and up to November 2013, TCI has purchased more than 900 towers.



RighTel established in 2006 as Iran third operator and provide the subscribers with 3G.

As the only and exclusive provider of 3G, RighTel has a unique market and SNP as one of supplier has provide 840 towers up to now.(Nov 2013)



Mobin Telecom Company (MTC) is the exclusive WIMAX operator in Iran and has the widest net whole over the world. SNP has provided 270 towers up to now.(Nov 2014)




Traffic center of Iran, National geographical organization and some other customers are our customers with least share of our product.